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Embossing calender
  • Embossing calender
  • Embossing calender

Embossing calender


New product

F.lli Zappa

Smooth or embossed calendering of textiles, tnt, film or paper is possible.

Top roller is ground, chromed and reground to a mirror finish or engraved surface according to production requirements, steel pressure roller with nylon sleeve. Bottom roller can be moved vertically, towards the chromed roller, by a couple of hydraulic cylinders.

Details and strength

The roller is mounted on a couple of lever mechanism so to be quickly and easily removable, should it be changed with an engraved roller.

Modular and compact design, customizable according to client’s requirements.

Web width

From 500 to 6000 mm


Calendering pressures are adjustable from 6 up to 60 tons.

Mechanical speed

0 – 20 m/min.


Oil filled and electrical heated roller or with external hot oil generator.