Colorservice Automatic management 4.0


Colorservice Automatic Storage System

Spare parts

chain, sensors, transmitter, control panel, plc, touch screen...

  • ID: RF00887

    Guarneri work width 3100 mm yoc  1994 n.3 cylinders, Steel - Wool paper Steel Oil heat with dedicated boiler electric heat pressure 90.000 Kg metal detector big rolls A-Frame winder

  • ID: RF00888

    Ercole Comerio work width 2980 mm n.4 cylinders from the top Steel - Wool paper - Cotton paper - Steel rolls diameter from the top diameter 1 Steel cylinder 137 mmdiameter 2 wool paper cylinder 127 mmdiameter 3 cotton paper cylinder 160 mmdiameter 4 Steel cylinder 137 mm Oil heat with dedicated boiler electric heat seam detector

  • ID: RF001027

    IMP work width 1700 mm yoc 2004 n.3 cylinders, cotton paper - Steel - cotton paper Oil heat

  • ID: RF001052

    Kusters roll width 1700 mm full overhauled year 2007 2 cylinders, polyammide and chromed chromed roll is heated by gas pressure 40.000 Kg metal detector exit big roll axial winder