Colorservice Automatic management 4.0

Colorservice Automatic Storage System

Spare parts

chain, sensors, transmitter, control panel, plc, touch screen...

  • ID: RF00322

    MCS Model WR8 Soft Yoc 1993 - overhauled year 2012 8 ropes, each rope is driven individually with motor and inverter controller Termoelettronica CT401 heat recovery system Pozzi

  • ID: RF00301

    Features Central shaft having 10 glasses. The samples are moved by an agitator which lowes and rises. The bath is heated by resistences stainless steel; bath cooling is obteined by cold water circulation in a coil.

  • ID: RF00201

    DC DRIVE BAUMULLER type BKF 12/30/400-3124000Input AC 3X380 VOutput DC 400 V - 15 A NEW

  • ID: RF00175

    Temperature 5-40°CO     0-3000 ppm VolCO2   0-25% VolHC     0-15000 ppm n hexaneO2     0-25% Vol (optional)NO2   0-5000 ppm Vol (optional)

  • ID: RF00123

    load capacity 1-3Kg mixing station with 2 positions Model Kg 1-3 Motor rating Hp1-1 A) Max. Height over trasport mmm 1900 B) Min. height for transport mmm 1600 C) Length mmm 1000 D) Width mmm 650 E) Rollerway height mm 1075 F) Gap mm 145 G) Inlet and outlet rollerways 1000 A Upon request, the dimensions of the rollerways can be modified as above. Weight...

  • ID: RF00333

    Reggiani model Revolution 320/18/13 work width 3200 mm yoc 1995 13 colors screen washing in line Testa non stop entry unit brusher unit Kalin drier Reggiani 4 chambers, 4 passages, gas heated exit with double tangential winder for change roll with machine running set or magnets and squeeges suitalbe for working width 1800mm, 2800mm, 3200mm

  • ID: RF00332

    Brand: Galvanini Yoc: 1990 8 shelfs no scale dimensions 1500x5000xH4500 mm plastic coverage not available

  • ID: RF00304

    Brand Lawer 7 shelfs electronic scale max height each shelf 730mm max load each floor 800kg total lenght ca. 6 mt

  • ID: RF00179

    Yoc 1980-1980-1989 n.3 Rotative tumbler diameter 1200 mm steam heat load capacity 133 Kg each machine automatic load / unload of the garments

  • ID: RF00159

    Gavazzi Model GF/1 Yoc 2007 Single position

  • ID: RF00148

    Sucker Muller Model SE 40 Work width 1950 mm Yoc 1988 Squeezing cylinders width: 2150 mm Dryers cylinders width: 2000 mm N. of dryers cylinders: 7 Equipped with 2 sizing box type SE 40

  • ID: RF00152

    MTL yoc 1997 winder suitable for woven and knitted can be installed in front of stenter frame, washing line

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