Colorservice Automatic management 4.0


Colorservice Automatic Storage System

Spare parts

chain, sensors, transmitter, control panel, plc, touch screen...

  • ID: RF00175

    Temperature 5-40°CO     0-3000 ppm VolCO2   0-25% VolHC     0-15000 ppm n hexaneO2     0-25% Vol (optional)NO2   0-5000 ppm Vol (optional)

  • ID: RF00632

    Neoterm yoc 2003 Boiler for steam production, with post-comustion recovery system with Neoterm gas burner Boiler water pipes with Neoterm gas burner, smokes heat recovery. Steam production 30.000 Kg/h Steam pressure 45 bar ....

  • ID: RF00836

    yoc 2002 pump 150m3/h H56 power electric motor 50Hz - 30KW 60Hz - 34,5KW

  • ID: RF00955

    BONO model OMP 6000 year 2001 power 6.000.000 Kcal max temperature 300 C heat Gas

  • ID: RF00999

    Loos yoc 2003 power station for steam with all the elements installed in a box.    Capacity 3.200 kg/hPressure 16 bar Burner Weishaupt  Condense tankPumps, electrical cabinets and other accessories Ready for use

  • ID: RF001025

    Therma yoc 1990 Oil boiler 2.500.000 kcal with steam producer 2 tons  gas heat