qCOMB - CO - O2 Gas Analyzer
qCOMB - CO - O2 Gas Analyzer

qCOMB - CO - O2 Gas Analyzer


qCOMB - CO - O2 Gas Analyzer

yoc 2019

A complete system for monitoring CO and O2 in combustion process with 5 years data recording on usb stick.

The system is equipped with filter, suction pump and peltier cooler.

You are only required to install a suitable probe and connect the sampling line to the qCOMB input.
Electrical connections are carried out by means of fast connect removable sockets. A unit replacement can be done in few minutes avoiding any connection errors.

    •    Low cost
    •    CO IR Sensor
    •    O2 Zirconia Sensor
    •    5 years data recording with automatic internal backup
    •    Easy data export from the front USB type A socket
    •    Ethernet 10/100 socket and WiFi
    •    ftp file transfer
    •    Windows file sharing
    •    Remote VNC connection

N.2 units available for sale

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qCOMB - CO - O2 Gas Analyzer

qCOMB - CO - O2 Gas Analyzer

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