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Corduroy Cutting m/c Avant Garde

Corduroy Cutting m/c Avant Garde


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The cutting machine Cord AvantGarde has been specifically plannedf and realize for the continuous cutting of corduroy.
The standard model has a working width of 1890mm in a table width of 2000mm. Some PATENTS protect the innovations introduced which have made the cutting machine Cord Avant Garde the most technocologically advanced machine.

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MAIN FEATURES: This machine has been design to cut the corduroy ribs;
The machine has two speed; the first is a low speed (programmable) that is used when the machine is started (it last for few second) and automatically pass to the second speed who is the prior settled working speed.
At any time the start button is pressed the machine pass from the first speed to the second and vice versa.
When the machine is stopped the tension of the fabric can be decrease (programmable).
Two load cells controls and adjust the tension of the fabric on the cutting zone.
The tension and the drawing of the fabric is assures by two brushless motors working toghater with encoders.
This kind of motors can provide a costant tension of the fabric without any small variations and a quick stopped is guarantee when any allarmhappens; all this without use any clutch, brake or other mechanical system.
The shaft's motor and the hammer's motor are drived by inverters and the speed can be adjusted when required.
When the machine is stopped the fabric can be pull back by step (5 or 6mm) (programmable) to avoid any uncutted threads.
The bottom cutting edge can be used 4 times on own corners profile; when damaged, a fast system permit to replace it.
Double buttons panel on the right and left side of the machine to help the operator working conditions.
The cutting angle is increase in order to make easier all operations when the needles(guides) must be put into the fabrics ribs and to help the cutting effect.