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List of products by manufacturer Reggiani Macchine

Reggiani Soft Signage Printers

EFI Reggiani is the worldwide provider of complete solutions for the signage market, thanks to its versatile machines.

Reggiani Traditional Industrial Printers

EFI REGGIANI reinvests part of its yearly turnover  in research and development in every printing technology — flat and rotary screen printing as well as digital printing — to satisfy a worldwide market looking for top-performing machines.

Reggiani Digital Industrial Printers

EFI Reggiani made in Italy know-how is the ideal solution for direct printing on fabric, and sublimation printing on paper. The printing models of the ReNOIR platform are the benchmark of the sector.

Mezzera Pre and Post Treatment Machines

Today EFI Reggiani is a global leader in integrated solutions for the textile world, with the high quality and performance of its pre-post treatment machines (such as washing systems, bleaching, dyeing, etc.).

Jaeggli Yarn Treatment Machines

EFI Reggiani is a worldwide provider of complete  solutions for the textile market: the premiere manufacturer of Traditional Yarn treatment machines.

  • ID: RF00139

    Reggiani model  RL320 work width 3200 mm yoc 1980 n. 10 colors blanket lenght 40 mt repeats 640mm drier 4 chambers double passage, oil heat

  • ID: RF001029

    Reggiani model  Avant work width 1800 mm blanket width 2300 mm yoc 1989 - new drive and screen inverters n. 13 colors blanket lenght 32 mt - ring lenght 76 mt drier 2 chambers gas heat entry non stop testa mahlo electronic weftstraightener screen washer

  • ID: RF00991

    REGGIANI FLAT BED PRINTING MACHINEType : AVANTYear : 1998 Working width : 180omm N. 8 colors flat screens N. 2 heads of rotary screens  Dryer : PDK 3 compartments  gas Entry : No-stop Testa Universal for small and big rollsExit. plaiterIn the delivery there is all what you see from the photos but NOT the scaffold where the dryer is installed.This dryer...

  • ID: RF00992

    Reggiani model Prima  year 2001 fully revamped year 2014 New blanket in 2015 New electronics original from Reggiani in 2014 working width 1800 mm27 meters printing table   10 colors + 3 rotary heads (these 3 rotary heads were installed in 2014) Dryer 3 chambers gas heat

  • ID: RF00142

    Reggiani model RQII work width 3200 mm yoc 1990 9 colors entry with double feed belt washer n. 3 brushers with brushless motor n. 9 colours pumps drier 4 chambers oil heat, mounted on a platform Exit double A-frame station winder

  • ID: RF00333

    Reggiani model Revolution 320/18/13 work width 3200 mm yoc 1995 13 colors screen washing in line Testa non stop entry unit brusher unit Kalin drier Reggiani 4 chambers, 4 passages, gas heated exit with double tangential winder for change roll with machine running set or magnets and squeeges suitalbe for working width 1800mm, 2800mm, 3200mm