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Laboratory Equipment

The MESDAN LAB line - engineered, designed and made in Italy - offers a complete range of measuring instruments to be used on a variety of different textile materials, either in the laboratory or in the production. Among the various equipment available for the physical & dyeing assessment of fibers, yarns and fabrics, some valuable assets of MESDAN LAB deserve to be emphasized:

  • unique portable measuring equipment, designed to monitor material quality nearby the production process;

  • main testers compatibility with the Automatic Cop Changer (for the automatic feed of yarn strength testers, friction testers, evenness testers, hairiness testers, Lab knitting machines, etc.);

  • the MESDAN DYE-LAB range offers a wide choice of innovative laboratory dyeing and finishing equipment;
  • technical consultant services and Lab layouts for the supply of complete Lab projects for fibers, yarns, fabrics and garment testing;

  • Lab equipment Calibration service;

  • traceability of supplied consumables & declaration of equipment conformity to main international standards.

  • ID: RF00817

    Mesdan bursting tester to determine the bursting resistance of woven and knitted fabrics, non-wovens and cardboard.The instrument measures the required pressure necessary to burst a tested specimen as well as to measure the specimen extension prior to bursting.