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Colorservice Automatic Storage System

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List of products by manufacturer Minox

textile dyeing machine

Dyeing machines for FABRICS in rope form,Overflow type (from 5 Kg. to 1500 Kg.) in following versions:

Atmospheric pressure, Max. temp. 98°C

Static Pressure 0,4 Bar, Max. temp. 108°C

Pressure 3,5 Bar, High Temp.143°C

Dyeing machines for FABRICS in rope form Jet type, Pressure 3,5 Bar, Max. temp.148°C (from 150 Kg. to 1600 Kg.)

Machines at Static Pressure High Temp. 143°C to dye broad FABRICS on Beam in following versions:

Machines at Static Pressure High Temp. till 150°C to dye YARNS on: Bobbins, Tops, Flocks, Cakes from 1 Kg. to 1000 Kg.

Cabinet machines at Static Pressure Max.

Temperature 108°C to dye YARNS on Hanks (from 1 Kg. to 1000 Kg.).

Autoclave machines, under vacuum and pressure,high temperature, to give volume to hank yarns HB, to vaporize and fix yarn twist in bobbins and spindles, “Vigoreux” development and printing.

Sample and laboratorydyeing machines, color kitchens, moving vats with stirrers and transfer pumps for dyestuff preparation and Dyeing accessories.