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Machines production, Continuous or non-continuous, atmospheric pressure or high pressure, for fabric or yarn, all Noseda machines are the result of years of experience in the relevant sector...

Machines production, Continuous or non-continuous, atmospheric pressure or high pressure, for fabric or yarn, all Noseda machines are the result of years of experience in the relevant sector...
The high hydraulic performance of cone yarn dyeing machines with density higher than 0,8 kg/dm³, are combined with the highest reliability and standards required in continuous spinning and dyeing (up to 70 m per minute) of acrylic tow.
The experience acquired in each application is transferred in all the production areas, thus ensuring a constant pursuit of top efficiency levels.
In short: high energy efficiency, non stop operation, planned maintenance and high reliability is what NOSEDA is committed to providing its client at all times, and at all stages.

Rigorous designing, creativity and frequent contacts with our clients are the main principles of Noseda's activity. Rigorous design work — a fundamental element to produce integrated lines and machinery. Creativity — a way to study and produce different production processes governed by the same rules. A close relationship with our clients — the ideal condition to meet our clients' specific needs and expectations and to develop customised solutions. All these values are an integral part of Noseda's corporate philosophy. And they can easily be recognised in all our products, as neat and clear as the wings of a butterfly.

Our knowledge is the result of a long-standing tradition.
Noseda's experience is based on more than one hundred years activity in the industry.
Noseda has developed a sophisticated knowledge, devoting substantial energy to the development of new technology and applications in the textile industry.
Rigorous work in mechanics, hydraulics, physics, chemistry and electronics has been accompanied by creativity to allow the development of innovative systems and machines.
Noseda has constantly been committed to the needs and expectations of the textile industry, first in Italy and, then, in the European and world market.
The concept of close, direct contacts with clients has always been the best way to improve our knowledge and service over time, and we are committed to maintaining this tradition.

From single machines to integrated lines — a natural development.
Our new integrated lines provide the best solution to textile production requirements.
Noseda's new lines (continuous and non-continuous) and recent technological innovation are fully integrated and compatible. The various phases of the production cycle may be based on different systems, but all can be easily combined together.
Noseda has developed and consolidated preparation processes to improve the performance of its dyeing machines.
And vice versa.
Today, besides multipurpose preparation machines and lines, perfectly integrated systems are available to manage and control fundamental production processes.
Integrated parts and machines are designed or selected in collaboration with the best producers in the relevant industries.
This allows all of our clients to solve any problem related to engineering, installation and operation of their plants, efficiently and at a low cost.
Lines such as Acriltex, for continuous spinning and dyeing of acrylic tow; Spandex for the production of high quality elastic filament; Eltex, for the preparation and dyeing of elastic fabrics; Silktex, for silk fabric and yarn degumming and dyeing — all allow major world producers to reach the highest quality standards whilst attaining their cost reduction goals.

Integrated production lines
The verticalization of textile designs has allowed further developments in the performance of each single machine.
The improvement in preparation processes, dyeing and finish has allowed the engineering of fully integrated machines and lines; each unit is designed to allow it to be integrated with preceding and following machines.
Users relying on Noseda for the layout of their plants and for complete production lines or substantial parts of their lines, will be pleased to find suitable answers, proven solutions, technological support and advanced technical skills.
All machines and parts that are not manufactured by the company are selected among the most reliable and highest-performing ones available on the market.

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    Noseda work width 3800 mm yoc 1998 suitable for woven and knit fabrics autoclave diameter 1600 mm (internal diameter) double beam, diameter 600 mm controller Termoelettronica CT 400 loading capacity of fabric between 400 and 500 kg