Colorservice Automatic management 4.0


Colorservice Automatic Storage System

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chain, sensors, transmitter, control panel, plc, touch screen...

List of products by manufacturer Kusters

  • ID: RF00898

    Gallaratesi Pumps DOX.M2 x 100 x 25 1290 lt/h max pressure 2 bar for color and alkali for dye padder Kusters Benninger Beta....

  • ID: RF00921

    Kusters model 225.22.2200 roll width 2400 mm work width 2200 mm yoc 1989 - full overhauled 2016 max pressure 50 Kg/cm - 5.000 kg cylinders with new rubber motor with inverter

  • ID: RF00983

    Kusters model 222.58 1800 work width 1800 mm yoc 1996 max pressure 50 Kg/cm - 5.000 kg motor with inverter

  • ID: RF00830

    Kusters roll width 3400 mm n.2 rolls with new rubber coating of which n. 1 S-Roll type Characteristics: S-ROLL diameter 260 mm Standard ROLL diameter 3300 mm

  • ID: RF00881

    Example of revamping electric electronic and mechanic washing line kusters Comotrade achieved through a network of professionals, a structure service for existing facilities that for any reason cannot longer enjoy the official service of the manufacturers. These professionals have developed experiences such that in the vast majority of cases, the...