Colorservice Automatic management 4.0

Colorservice Automatic Storage System

Spare parts

chain, sensors, transmitter, control panel, plc, touch screen...

  • ID: RF00602

    Pin wheels automatic weftstraightener for woven fabrics. It uses a simple and effective physical principle: the weft threads, subjected to tension, return to their original and orthogonal structure’s condition.

  • ID: RF00603

    Classic weftstraightener for adjusting bow and skew distorsions on knitted and woven fabrics,contolled by a “LECTRON” optical-electronic system, which detects the fabric’s structure and drives the rollers.

  • ID: RF00604

    The top of the weftstraighteners. A new device that combines, in a synergetic way, pin wheels system and bow-skew rollers with photo-electronic control system. It follows an extremely and complete machine, that is able to control, to ensure and to attest a perfect straight weft.