Colorservice Automatic management 4.0

Colorservice Automatic Storage System

Spare parts

chain, sensors, transmitter, control panel, plc, touch screen...

  • ID: RF00612

    For the extraction of excess moisture from the rope form fabric after dyeing. It prevents spills during the opening process and ,furthermore, it reduces the over-all weight of the rope fabric and assures a regular feeding to rope openers

  • ID: RF00613

    Employed to extract liquid substances from open width fabrics by means of vacuum technology. Consists of: suction slot, filter, air-water separator, recycling pump, vacuum pump

  • ID: RF00614

    Fabric impregnation unit, with vacuum slot to control the quantity of liquid application. To achieve the maximum efficiency of the hydroextractor a width control device of the slot, adjustable according to the fabric width, is provided

  • ID: RF00615

    Open width squeezer with two nip rollers, suited for hydroextraction or for chemical application, with impregnation tank and fabric opening apparatus at the nip roller entrance. The rolls can be normal type /regular bearings) for high- squeezing operation or equal-pressure type for impregnation

  • ID: RF00616

    Three roller open width squeezer for hydro-extraction in sequence with chemical product application, complete with water collection tank and chemical impregnation tanks. The machine is normally equipped with equal-pressure squeezing rollers, with internal bearings.The pressure of contact of the first and second squeezing action can be adjusted...