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Loris Bellini was founded back in 1949 with the main scope of designing, manufacturing and selling very high quality dyeing machines at the service of the yarn dye houses in the world.

Loris Bellini still pursues those same intentions even after more than 60 years of activity, with the introduction of updated technology that will bring utility consumption at a very sensible reduction: a drastic decrease of running costs and a valuable respect of the environment are achieved as a direct consequence.

Loris Bellini is synonym of both vanguard and tradition: it is a true combination of elements that melt with the roots of the past and the innovation of the future, with technical and technological distinction that always contributed to grow our customers in both their pride and satisfaction.

Customers that clearly became our distinctive key of confrontation towards our constant and continuous improvements along the years.
Loris Bellini is involved into the main markets worldwide through the assistance of dedicated Agencies for each of the countries where our yarn dyeing business is related with. In addition, an exceptionally fast and competent local after sale service is also provided for the most strategic areas of interest.

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    Loris Bellini model RBNV-I 270 / 975 2C yoc 2005 n. 2 autoclaves 4 cones each possibility to dye in tandem or singulalirly and eventualy only 2 instead of 4 cones AUTOMATIC HIGH PRESSURE AND HIGH TEMPERATURE VERTICAL MACHINE FOR DYEING AND BLEACHING FOR LABORATORY PURPOSE OR SMALL LOTS OF YARN. RBNV-I 270 it is used for preliminary dyeing tests on yarn...