Colorservice Automatic management 4.0

Colorservice Automatic Storage System

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List of products by manufacturer Cibitex

  • ID: RF00581

    The ProofTEX series of machines is designed for dyeing samples during laboratory tests.ProofTEX has two horizontal operating rollers for dyeing operations and two side guards to contain the dyeing product.There is also a stainless steel tank to recover dyestuff. There is also the possibility to treat small batches of fabric, up to 20 meters.

  • ID: RF001036

    Cibitex work width 1800 mm fully overhaul by cibitex year 2001 entry frame cylinder steaming unit weko umidifier Mahlo weftstraightener yoc 1992 compacting unit with rubber belt monforts yoc 1992 felt calender roll diameter 800 mm Cibitex yoc 1999 A-frame tangential winder machine with inverter